Incentive Funding

In exchange for completing a preventive care visit and the online Health Assessment, employees and enrolled spouses are eligible to receive $300 each in incentive funding (up to a maximum of $600). This employer funding will go into your HRA or HSA after the preventative exam and your Health Assessment have been completed. For 2018 incentives, both steps need to be completed between January 1 and November 30, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your incentive funding, please email They will get back to you within 48 business hours of receipt of your inquiry.

Health Assessment

Taking a health assessment is a quick and easy way to determine the current state of your overall health, and to figure out what steps you need to take now to improve your health in the future. After all, when you're healthy, you have the strength and confidence to be your true self.

Before you start taking your health assessment, be prepared to have the following information: your blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, height, weight and waist circumference.

To Complete your online health assessment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link under 'Wellness Profile'
  3. Complete the full Wellness Profile

Preventative Care Exam

Employees and spouses enrolling in a OneBeacon® medical plan are encouraged to complete an annual preventive care visit with their physician. OneBeacon believes our employees should manage their health in conjunction with their own physician. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with a primary care physician can help with early detection of many medical conditions.

When you go for your preventive care exam, BCBS will recognize that activity within their claims data, and will give you credit for that portion of the incentive requirements. (You must also complete an online health assessment to receive funding.)

Need help finding out about the medical requirements? Read over the Medical Enrollment Guide.

Do you have questions on the dependent audit and Health Care Reform? Are you having issues enrolling? Read over the Benefitfocus page.

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